Check Up

Health is Wealth, and indeed there is a need to have perfect health in order to live happily. The world is progressing at lightning speed and every individual is stretching his limits to succeed in this rat race. Health is often a neglected during such a churn and is looked upon only when the human engine starts to make some noise. Paolo Memorial hospital welcomes you with open arms to reach out for the finest of medical consultation and treatment.

The reach and the scope of medical science in today’s world is boundless. We hear medical miracles happening all over the world each passing day. However, it is essential to pause for a while and reflect upon your health time and again. Paolo Memorial Check Up Center is well equipped with latest infrastructure in terms of diagnostic tools that enables our medical experts to assist in treating or analyzing the possibility of any ailment.

Periodic health check-up is always advisable in order to catch hold of any ailment in its initial stage. At Paolo Memorial Checkup Center, our doctors offer a comprehensive range of services including EENT Clinic, X-ray Room (Ultrasound, Mammograms and Bone Mineral Density Examinations), and also an Optician.
To have a hassle free and comfortable experience throughout the examination process the Checkup Center hosts patient lounges and even an internet café.

Catering to the diverse needs of patients, Paolo Memorial hospital has designed a plethora of Checkup programs as follows:

1. Classic Program
2. Grande Program
3. Grande Plus Program
4. Crown Program
5. Crown Plus Program
6. Royal Program
7. Program Heart/ GI

Snippet of the to-do list for Checkup

• Intake of food and drinks (except water) should be avoided at least 12 hours before the commencement of examination.
• A minimum of 8 hours of prior rest is advisable for patients undergoing health checkup.
• Internal tests for ladies are performed only after 1 week of menstruation.
• Mammograms if needed, are performed during the period of 1 to 7 days after the cessation of menstruation.
• For patients with some prior ailments it is mandatory to inform the doctors about the condition, since it will enable the doctors and medical consultants to offer appropriate treatment.
• Post the checkup, in case an ailment if identified our team of doctors will advise you with respect to further analysis and treatment ahead.
• Finally, a precautionary to all adults above the age of 35 years, better to prepare and prevent the ailments by regular health checkup at least once a year; than to repent later.

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