Child care and development is one of the prime focuses at Paolo Memorial hospital. Our Pediatric unit strives towards offering the best of treatment and care for our future generation.

We believe each child is unique and hence the needs also vary from one child to another. Considering this fact, we offer an array of services in the Pediatrics department, wherein our specialists ensure that each minute needs of the kids is taken care of.

In order to ensure growth and development of children, our Pediatricians have designed and defined comprehensive health care programs for children under the age of 15 years. This program caters to a multitude of ailments which are observed among children; autism, metal deficiency, cerebral palsy to name a few.

Pediatric treatment at Paolo Memorial hospital not just focuses on the developmental aspects of child care but nourishment and growth are also considered to be equally important. Hence the Pediatric department works hand in hand with nutritionists and also tackles with eating problems observed amongst children.

To ensure the overall development of children, the Pediatric department works in close coordination with the Speech Therapist, assisting in speech correction, Oto-laryngologist enabling hearing evaluation and vision evaluation by Ophthalmologist. Our pediatricians also pay attention and help children with writing skills deficiencies, delayed language development and behavior problems.

Paolo Memorial hospital is a one stop destination catering to the physical and developmental problems observed amongst children. Our Pediatricians also focus on preventive medicine in making sure that the child is growing up healthy.

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