Our Orthopedic Center offers a full range of diagnostic, prevention and treatment of bone and joint related diseases. With our experienced bone and joints specialists teamed with anesthesiologists who ensure top notch treatment and pain management inclined to modern medicine standards.
We have a team of physical therapist who will also ensure that you are recovering well within the best possible condition.

The Bone and Joint center provides a comprehensive list of treatments and surgery performed by using high end medical infrastructure. Renowned among them are listed below

General Orthopedic surgery
Spinal surgery
Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery
Joint Replacement Surgery
Endoscopy Treatment and Sports Medicine
Artificial Hips
Artificial Knees
Hand Surgery

Ultra-modern and hi-tech infrastructure coupled with the expertise of our board-certified orthopedics. Our Orthopedic center at Paolo Memorial hospital is a cut above the rest.
Our expertise also includes the ability to perform complicated procedures such as Computer assisted procedures for Knee replacement.

Computer Assisted Knee Replacement Surgery (CAS)

One of the most efficient ways of performing knee replacement surgery these days is through CAS. By harnessing technology, laser assistance in this case the chances of scarring are reduced to a great extent and even tissue trauma is avoided. Additionally, with this surgery the duration of the joints is prolonged and made more efficient, lasting for about 15 to 20 years. Not just that, the artificial joint is quite supple and flexible enabling ease during bending and minimized wear and tear.

Apart from Artificial knee replacement surgery, at Paolo Memorial hospital, computers are also leveraged to perform Spinal surgery, high tibial osteotomy, reconstructive bone surgery and reconstructive knee ligament surgery.

Spinal Degenerative disease
Drilling and Cementing

This treatment includes drilling an aperture into the spine and cementing it, to strengthen the bone.

Endoscopic Surgery

This procedure is one of the most efficient modes of treatment that reduces surgical pain and recovery time. Endoscopic surgery involves drilling an aperture and removing the broken disc resting on the nerve.

Minimal-invasive steel implant surgery

The minimal invasive surgery removes the bone resting on the nerve and a steel implant is placed into the bone, which bridges the degenerative spinal joints. This surgery ensures faster recovery since back muscle pain and backache is reduced considerably.

Navigator Assisted Arthroscopic ACL reconstruction

Paolo Memorial hospital has made earnest efforts to bring the best of breed technology to its premise, which will benefit in the treatment and speedy recovery of patients. One such initiative is the usage of Navigation technology which has been used for the knee replacement surgery.

Navigator assisted surgery brings about more precision during operation, thereby reducing complication and brings about minimal scarring as well. Generally, Anterior Cruciate Ligament injury (ACL) to the knee is caused due to accidents during sports activities or motorcycling. The pain and swelling will gradually deteriorate and the patients will have difficulty to walk or run. With Arthroscopic surgery, patients with Anterior Cruciate Ligament injury can now heave a sigh of relief. This minimal invasive surgery is carried out by means of an arthroscope. Since the incision is just about 4 mm, the scar is hardly visible post-surgery. The operation is carried out with utmost precision owing to a small camera that rests on top of the arthroscope. The surgeons thereby have accessibility to very minute details of the joint. One of the advantages of this surgery is that it offers speedy recovery, allowing patients to get back to their routine just within a week or so.

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