Cancer center at Paolo Memorial Center offers comprehensive cancer care with the help of expert oncologists, backed by modern diagnostics and curative technologies and tools.
Our team ensures utmost care and attention is provided to every patient right from the diagnosis till the various phases of treatment.
We also educate and guide our patients about the nuances of cancer, various treatment options which are available and ways of self-care.

Our Cancer center is well-equipped with diagnostic tools to enable:
Diagnosis of stages of cancer.
Provide biopsy procedures.
Pap test for cervical cancer.
PSA Test for prostate cancer
Breast self-examination.

Reliable and top-notch treatment is offered at our Cancer center adhering to international standards.

A quick glance at the treatment options offered
Radiation therapy is commonly usedacross the globe to destroy cancer cellsand tumors. Our cancer center is endowedwith latest equipment enabling bettertreatment and lesser exposure of radiation to normal organs.
Oncologists at our Cancer center treat cancer through chemotherapy since it is one of the most reliable means towardsdestroying cancer cells or at times even to decelerate the growth of cancer cells. We also combine chemotherapy in parallel with other treatments like radiation therapy as well.
Our team of experienced surgeons hasexpertise in oncological surgery and reconstructive procedures. Mastectomy, skin cancer, thoracic cancer and a host of other surgical procedures are performed successfully at our center.
Our earnest efforts are towards faster recovery time without compromising the wellbeing of our cancer patients, so that they get back to normalcy at the earliest.
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